A Study in Yukimura3.16 “Illuminated”

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But I fear for our lives and I fear your closed eyes
So what will your legacy be?

allison + warm colours

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These feelings won’t end yet

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drop everything now
meet me in the pouring rain
kiss me on the sidewalk
take away the pain 

'cause i see sparks fly whenever you smile.

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Can you feel, can you feel my heart?

giveaway prompt fill for summerchild-madeofstone

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Lose Your Mind, more like Lose Your Respect For the Show Runners And All Desire To Watch Next Season

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i was just going through teen wolf screencaps and i’m sorry but if scott isn’t ur favorite I just don’t know what to tell u

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when the hands cradling her body are rough
and more familiar than anything

              allison wakes up

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What the hell is a Stiles?
This is a blog dedicated to the Teen Wolf fandom. This is to the boundless talent demonstrated by the show's actors, writers, and producers, to the impossibly attractive cast, and to our lord and savior Jeff Davis.

Here you'll find fancfic recs, various ships/OTPs, RPGs, writing prompts, gifs, screen caps, and any other obligatory Teen Wolf tumblr shenanigans.

I'm a new blog, so hopefully soon I'll be able to compile a lot of great content for you guys. Until then, submissions are open for: fic recs, prompts, fan art, and RPG's.

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